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Why not create an achievement jar for the new year?

Often we forget the little things or moments we have achieved something quite remarkable.   For the new year it is all too easy to make resolutions and then quickly break them a few weeks later.  

Let’s make “rememberlutions” and create some great memories and achievements we have made in 2020 that we can either review 6 months down the line or at the end of the year!

So a great way to recognise those memories or achievements, no matter how small is to create an Achievement Jar.


Here’s how:

Every time you achieve either one of your goals, or something that you feel super proud of, however small, write it down on a post it note or a piece of paper.    

Fold it up and place it in your jar.

At the end of the year, or 6 months (you decide), open the jar up and read all the wonderful things you have achieved.

This is a wonderful way of keeping you motivated and feeling confident by reminding yourself that you have achieved great things.

Get creative with your jar, make it fun, make it personal, make it memorable!

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