What can I expect from a session with you?

I recognise that everyone is different, and strongly believe that therapy (Hypnotherapy or counselling) should be tailored to the individual, therefore I am trained a range of techniques to help you get results you are looking for*

Therapy works best when we work closely together as the changes come from you, so your commitment is vital during and in-between our sessions.  I like to think therapy is and 80 / 20 split, with the client responsible for 80% of the work with the therapist the remaining 20% to teach and coach the client, another way to think of  the part you play in therapy is the to think of it like learning to play a guitar,  you come along to the lesson with a desire to learn to do something different, the tutor teaches you the techniques and how to play, but you must practice regularly to achieve the result of playing beautiful music.

During each session we will discuss the changes you feel and any challenges you may have experienced outside of our sessions and also celebrate the successes too.    We work at a pace that is entirely comfortable to you in a relaxed, comfortable and friendly environment.   I offer a free consultation so we can chat through any concerns and you can decided whether my type of therapy and approach is right for you.  It’s really important to me that you feel comfortable and happy for us to work together.

Anything we discuss during the consultation is confidential, and as a therapist I am bound by a strict code of conduct with the governing body that I am a member of.

*Please be aware that results will vary from person to person.

Any Other Questions?

Some comments from my clients:

I have seen hypnotherapists before but was really stands out for me about Karen is how she entwines NLP into the hypnotherapy to ensure that the sessions are tailored specifically for her clients.  It is clear that Karen is very passionate about helping people and I really like her compassionate approach.  I would highly recommend Karen.

Nicola - Milton Keynes

I am the biggest of sceptics, so after an initial chat with Karen, I wanted to give hypnotherapy a try in relation to my unhealthy eating habits. I was very much on the fence as to wether it works but Karen put me at ease. I booked in with Karen for my first session. I relaxed into the   talk, listening to Karen’s calming voice. I still didn’t think it would work but I can truthfully say that I was well and truly submerged in the experience. As a result, I have curbed some of my bad eating habits and just don’t fancy particular foods. I am shocked at how effective the whole experience was and I actively recommend Karen’s services. A great experience.

Leigh - Milton Keynes