change therapy

Make changes with just 3 words!

If like me you are fed up of making a heap of New Years resolutions only to find that a few months later they are long forgotten and you feel like you are a failure and never move forward and make those changes you really want to make.

This year I decided to look a different way of ensuring I was continually progressing and achieving my goals and making key changes in my life.  I decided to think of 3 simple words that really resonated with me and look how I could build these into daily life.  They needed to be memorable and flexible enough so they could be easily actioned on a day to day basis by creating simple and achievable goals.

My 3 words became:

Inspire – how can I inspire people or be inspired and show inspires me, how do I find daily inspiration around me?

Achieve – how can I recognise achievements in myself and in others, however small and celebrate them, (capturing them in an achievement jar)

Belief – how do I believe in my abilities, talents and continue to improve and be grateful, how do I encourage self belief in others and help guide the way for them.


These words are in a prominent place so I have a constant reminder of them every day.

What would your 3 words be and why?  

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