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Keeping mentally healthy can be a challenge in our fast paced world with the pressures of everyday living.  Often we find ourselves suffering with anxieties or concerns that can inhibit our happiness and well-being, often putting others before ourselves because we think ourselves selfish if we for one minute stopped to take a time out for ourselves.

Counselling is an investment in you, we wouldn’t think twice about servicing our car, or our boiler to keep it running efficiently.  It can feel a little daunting to make the first steps to seek out a therapist, to talk to someone you don’t know and talk about what’s been bothering you.   Its ok to feel that way, most clients who come to see me don’t know what to expect, what to say, or how to say it and that’s ok too.   Often its just starting a conversation with someone who is there to listen to you, to understand you, to empathise with you, and to help you work through whatever is happening for you right now and be a compassionate companion as you find your path to wellness.

Below are some testimonials from clients who were where you may be right now, and how they found that counselling helped them to greater mental wellbeing.

I luckily found Karen while going through a difficult time, from the first session she gave me ways to start thinking positively and gave me different processes to help keep anxiety down. Through being able to talk to Karen openly I was able to work out what was causing my anxiety which was a big help in turning things around. I would recommend Karen at Mind Calm to anybody who feels they could benefit from therapy.


I am the biggest of sceptics, so after an initial chat with Karen, I wanted to give hypnotherapy a try in relation to my unhealthy eating habits. I was very much on the fence as to wether it works but Karen put me at ease. I booked in with Karen for my first session. I relaxed into the   talk, listening to Karen’s calming voice. I still didn’t think it would work but I can truthfully say that I was well and truly submerged in the experience. As a result, I have curbed some of my bad eating habits and just don’t fancy particular foods. I am shocked at how effective the whole experience was and I actively recommend Karen’s services. A great experience.


I have seen therapists before but was really stands out for me about Karen is how she entwines different approaches to ensure that the sessions are tailored specifically for her clients.  She really listened and I felt understood for the first time in ages. It is clear that Karen is very passionate about helping people and I really like her compassionate and empathic approach.  I would highly recommend Karen.


Karen really stepped in at a time when I saw no way out – she really helped me slow life down and realise I need to enjoy the little things in life.  I really appreciate everything  Karen has helped me work through and see from a different perspective, encouraging me to explore my own solutions and build my confidence and self esteem in the process.    Karen is kind, patient, and demonstrates such empathy and understanding, anyone would be lucky to have her help them in their time of need.


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